VMCC South Durham

The South Durham Section of the Vintage Motorcycle Club

Section Championship

South Durham Section: Road Run Championship.

The Championship comprises the following events:
Quaker Run, Eric’s Evening Excursion, Sunset Run, Chairman’s Run, Baydale Run and Anniversary Run.

Points allocation:  Points are awarded to the top six finishers in each event as published in the results sheet.

  • 1st   12 points
  • 2nd  10 
  • 3rd   8
  • 4th   6
  • 5th   4
  • 6th   2

In the event of a tie the Champion will be decided by the rider scoring in most events, then most wins.

Originated by George and Barbara Robinson in 1977

Award: The Kart House Trophy.

Organisers: South Durham Section Committee

George W Robinson and the Kart House Trophy

George Robinson together with his wife Barbara (who he married in 1953) had a business in Darlington known as the Kart House.  It started in Bondgate selling Go Karts before moving to premises in North Road selling new and second hand motorcycles until their retirement.

They were active members of the Vintage Motorcycle Club, and were early members of the South Durham Section formed in 1975.  They inaugurated the Section’s Road Safety Run Championship in 1977 and donated the Kart House Trophy which is still awarded annually to the Champion.

George and Barbara competed regularly in local VMCC events as well as participating in those organised by other sections and major club events, a particular favourite being the Manx Rally.  They were often seen on a Rudge motorcycle and sidecar a 1907 Lincoln Elk (made in Lincoln) and wicker sidecar.  

George and the Rudge “featured” as an extra on the film Chariots of Fire.  He also rode a variety of machines including a Zenith and Matchless often in the company of his friend Nick Robson.  He was a member of the Club’s Management Committee and was riding motorcycles until shortly before his death in January 1987.  

He served in the RAF during the 2nd World War.  He started racing motorcycles and cars pre-war and continued this passion on the conclusion of hostilities until the early 50’s when he rode in the Manx Grand Prix.

Past Winners

2016    D Porteous
2015    D Porteous
2014    B.Smith

2013    D Porteous
2012    J Fawcett
2011    D Porteous
2010    J Fawcett
2009    J Fawcett
2008    C Bennett
2007    F Gowton
2006    C Bennett
2005    D Marwood
2004    C Bennett
2003    E Londesbrough
2002    E Londesbrough
2001    E Londesbrough
2000    D Marwood
1999    D Porteous
1998    E Londesbrough
1997    F Gowton
1996    E Londesbrough
1995    E Londesbrough
1994    F Gowton
1993    E Londesbrough
1992    E Londesbrough
1991    E Londesbrough
1990    D Headon
1989    J Fawcett
1988    E Londesbrough
1987    E Londesbrough
1986    E Londesbrough
1985    E Londesbrough
1984    E Londesbrough
1983    E Londesbrough
1982    E Londesbrough
1981    M Lowry
1980    E Londesbrough
1979    E Londesbrough
1978    W Gillham


  • 1st - Dave Porteous
  • 2nd - Brian Smith
  • 3rd - Mike Carruthers

Full Result


  • 1st - David Porteous
  • 2nd - Brian Smith
  • 3rd - Dennis Marwood

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  • 1st - Brian Smith
  • 2nd - Dave Porteous
  • 3rd - Dave Jolley

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  • 1st - Dave Porteous
  • 2nd - Steve Davies
  • 3rd - John Robinson

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  • 1st - John Fawcett
  • 2nd - Colin Bennett
  • 3rd - Brian Smith

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  • 1st -    David Porteous
  • 2nd - John Fawcett
  • 3rd -  Brian Smith

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  • 1st   - John Fawcett
  • 2nd - Bill Birks
  • 3rd  -Brian Smith

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1st      John Fawcett


 1st      Collin Bennet


1st     Fred Gowton



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