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Some tentative good news for a change


Following the Prime Minister's announcement today (22nd February) Here is a summary of the intended road map to end lock-down. Click Here

Provisional 2021 calendar is now available here.  Some revisions will be necessary as the release from lockdown progresses as planned (we hope) We will update the calendar as soon as event details have been decided or changed.


Due to the pandemic the date for the Stokesly show has changed to Saturday 7th August. For the first time they are having a special motorbike arena.

The latest zoom meeting held on Thursday 15th April was attended by some new faces as well as old ones, in some cases very old. 

Various future events were discussed and ways they may have to be modified in to social runs until things return to nearer normal.


Dennis Beale informed us that as there will be a backlog of events darn sarrf, with sections local to each other considering combined events, something we may well have to consider with our nearby sections. 


Tom Norman with the help of zoom wizard Peter Bagnell showed some videos which to everyone's surprise depicted Panthers actually running, whatever next!

Angela then conducted a new feature 'What have you done in the garage today'. This was  most amusing as she interrogated people as to their recent garage misfortues. 


Michael Roberts regaled us with his tale of woe regarding his clutch inspection and how the springs sprung, we've all been there.  Dennis Beale had triple woes and Tony Barnett had an unfortunate tonsorial choice.  (BTW Nothing to do with Tonsils for the less informed)  Tom Norman and Paul Feldon's heads were off and Angela un-nipped my rings (ouch) , whereas David Porteous and Martin were wood butchering.


The best was last as they say, not a garage tale but most amusing, as Peter Bagnell had us all spellbound with his trip into the darker recesses of Geordieland and its nocturnal inhabitants, hilarious.


Next Zoom meeting 29th April


April Newsletter - Read

The Unofficial Boxing Day Run - Report



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2017-05-21 12-33 VMCC Quaker Run

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