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Northern Road Run Championship

2023 Winner - Peter Bates

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Originated by Dennis Beale in 1984

Organisers: South Durham Section Committee

Aim: To encourage participation in certain events being organised by the VMCC Section’s in the North (i.e. Lakeland, North East, Northumbrian, Reivers and South Durham).

Eligibility: open to members of the VMCC.

Qualifying events: Each Section to nominate, by the end of March, up to two competitive runs, which are open to machines aged 25 years or older.

Points allocation:  Points are awarded to the top ten finishers in each event as published in the results sheet. (1st place 10 points down to 1 point for 10th)
A competitor's best 5 results to count towards the Championship.
In the event of a tie the Champion will be decided by the rider competing in most events then the competitor scoring in most events.

Award: The GEM Trophy donated by South Durham Section.

The NRRC currently comprises the following rounds:

  • Lakeland Rally         (Lakeland)

  • Wetherby Run         (North East)

  • GF Topcliffe Run     (North East)

  • B Rawlings Run       (Northumbrian)

  • Rookhope Ryde      (Northumbrian)

  • Reivers Rally            (Reivers)

  • Quaker Run             (South Durham)

  • Baydale Run            (South Durham)

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