Socially Distanced Social Run No.2  (SDSR2)

About 16 riders and assorted vintagents and vintagentesses gathered at Danby beacon on Wednesday 24th, my birthday for future reference. It was warm and sunny with a breeze keeping everything cool, perfect for motorcycling. (I'm not sure everyone agrees with you on that one Brian, but it was certainly "warm")  Afterwards 6 of us went for a ride around the back roads and secret places of the North Yorkshire Moors.  Steve Wigglesworth had invited everyone back to his place for beer, snacks and sophisticated conversation where a jolly time was had by all.  Only a small number availed themselves of this generous offer, perhaps others were frightened of enjoying themselves. (You may be accused of being an for something with a statement like that)

Birthday boy Brian in the foreground, not smiling. Maybe no-one brought him a present

Some of the others. reluctantly posing for a photo.

Paul didn't want to join as he reckons he's not photogenic

Two photos from Neil McKee taken the next day as he got the date wrong - never mind Neil try again next run

First Socially Distanced Social Run - Report


Twenty two healthy souls, albeit some in cars gathered for the first run of the year on a warm sunny day in Lunedale.  Howard Duddles was there sporting his latest injury, there were three generations of Robbo, Santa Clause on holiday from Lapland was there along with one of his elves and various other strange sundry individuals.  Unknown to the assembled throng there was also a young lady going commando, I cannot of course reveal her identity as I am too much of a gentleman aren't I  ???????????    The car park where we arranged to meet was locked but the was space a few yards away, well there was space until Roy Sturgeon tried to block the road with his hairdressers car at least Howard Masters parked his hairdressers car out of the way.

The reservoirs were so low the pack horse bridge over the course of the old river Lune was visible, a rare sight.  Tom Norman always up to the minute with technology brought a drone and took some footage which will hopefully appear on this site in due course. Link to footage:

People began drifting away about 1.30 but it was such a nice day (Not so) Tight Mike, John Rutherford, Jed Watson and myself decided to go for a ride.  We headed toward Brough but turned off on to all the small roads to Tan Hill then down to Muker, ice cream in Reeth (Brian reluctantly had to buy his own) and back to Darlington, about 100 miles.  Marvellous !

Look out for details of the next Socially Distant Social Run. Or is it South Durham Section Run, they are both S.D.S.R.



Good picture of the old packhorse bridge

Could have been a good photo

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