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Presentation Night Jan 2024

Presentation Night Jan 2023

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More Photos from Dave Allison - Link

The committee performing this year song "How much is bike in the window" nearly in tune for a change

Presentation Night Jan 2022

For more photos from Dave Allison click here

Presentation Night Jan 2020

The committee performing the usual killing of a good song

Awards List - Download

Chris, Rob, Dave & Tom (the one in the kilt) enjoying swift pint

Kelvin with guest of honour Martin, who seems to be enjoying the evening

Presentation Night Jan 2019

Awards - Download list

Photos - By Dave Allison - Link

The committee giving their adaptation of a famous Andy Stewart song. Hopefully the President appreciated it!
Presentation Night Jan 2018


Award Winners - Download

Photos from January 2018 Presentation Night
Photos from January 2017 Presentation Night

President Rod Hann presenting trophies to the winners and runners up from the section's Road Run and Trials events for 2016

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