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Run Reports 2021

Christmas Party 23 Dec 2021

A well organised party took place at MSG Cricket Club on the 23 Dec, thanks to the Feldons and Smiths (including Angela) who organised it all.

A total of 26 people attended, which was down on previous years for obvious reasons due to the on going pandemic, but better than 2020 when there was none.

Some of the usual events took place including an unusual quiz which baffled a few including me and a most unusual version of bowling green bowls, without the green and without the woods which were substituted by potatoes across the floor, the jack being the smaller of the two potatoes used.  Not many people managed that too well, but nothing that practice won't put right for next year.  Then the old favourite, stand up bingo, had it been normal bingo, I would have nearly got a full house!!  Then the raffle - I didn't even win the fork handles.

Here's some photos

Boxing Day Run to High Force 2021

There were only 4 stalward motorcyclists turned up for a 10.30am start on Boxing Day.  Myself, Gerry Beer, Dave Crone and a chap on an AJS single, he was all muffled up and we exchanged greetings as I thought I knew him but after a while realised I didn't and so had to ask who he was.  It was John, Surname lost in the mists of time, a V.M.C.C. member from Darlington whom we don't see much due to work commitments.

We left at the appointed time and wondered through the back lanes, around Langton I noticed a dusting of snow in the hedgebacks and by the time we got to Cleatlam there was a covering on the road.  It was very wet and posed no problem to such experienced wonderfully capable motorcyclists that were present. Nevertheless upon reaching snow free tarmac we made our way to High Force on more main roads which remained snow and slush free until we gained height after Middleton in Teesdale. It is quite a few years since bikes were parked in the snow outside High Force Hotel.  Other members in 4 wheeled vehicles arrived in dribs and drabs when eventually 2 more bikes and an outfit representing the Northumbrian Section joined the jolly throng.  They were late because Andreas snapped a throttle cable just before they got there and had to do some mekkanikin in the snow,  Oh joy.  After chit chat and refreshments we all  had some Christmas cake supplied by Dave Crone and then wondered off into the warm setting sun of upper Teesdale in our various homeward directions.

Although numbers were down the quality of the assembled throng was of the highest order.

Let's hope for better weather next year.

Written by our Treasuerer  - obviously

Anniversary Social Run 5th Dec 2021


Well - that's as good as it got, three of us. At the appointed start time of 10:30 at the Cricket Club, only Brian was present, I arrived 6 min late due to reasons not to be disclosed here, followed by Paul a few minutes later.  The weather wasn't as bad as the forecast, but raining on and off. After waiting another 10 min discussing which direction to go, it became obvious no one else was going to participate, so we set off to Osmotherly and decide from there whether to carry on to the seaside as east looked best.

We didn't actually stop in Osmotherly but carried on towards Swainby and stopped to have a look at Sheepwash which used to be quite a challenging trail, but not any more.  A little further on we stopped - photo above, to inspect Paul's Bonnevile for a mysterious noise which we didn't find.  After much discussion an executive descision was made to head off to Bishopton (Blue Bell) for refreshment. Good ride, not too much rain, not too cold, we actually observed a bit of sunshine, but three mucky wet bikes and riders.

Anniversary Run 2021

This years run, (2020 being a last minute social run to Reeth), was organised by Mike (me) and Linda from the Crown Inn at Manfield.   As the weather was quite good, but not too hot, we had 21 riders sign on, 3 with passengers, even some from the far reaches of the Northumbrian section.

After the usual questions, riders set off via the lanes through Eppleby, Hutton Magna, Newsham, Barningham and over the Stang with some good views then on to Tan Hill Inn for a quick break and more questions with Eric Alderson turning up on his Indian.

After the break we carried on the same road eventually to Kirkby Stephen and on to the Fat Lamb Inn on the A683 near Ravenstonedale for the lunch stop where they were also accomodating two car clubs. However this did not pose too much of a problem as it was a nice enough day to sit outside in the pub garden.

After a while some seemed eager to get back on their bikes, so after yet more questions off we went back on to the road towards Kirkby Stephen.  After just over a mile we turned right on to a small road sign posted Mallerstang which was very pleasant and it emerges on to the main road at Pendragon Castle ruins  Merlin wasn't around though.

This took us on to the road through Swaledale where a stop in Muker was made for more refreshments and the final questions, then off via Reeth, Marske, Washton, Melsonby, back to Manfield for the results.

Excellent day and a good turnout


Start at Manfield

Lunch at the Fat Lamb

Photos by Garry Catterick - See More

Baydale Run 22 August 2021

The years run was organised by Bobby Robinson from the Cricket Club. As bad weather was forecast quite a few people didn't turn up which left us with a total of 6 riders & 1 passenger at the start.

The usual start questions were about old motocycle films, although some found them easy yours truly only got one correct, never mind it might get better later.

Cofee stop at Lord Stones Cafe and then away over the Yorkshire moors to Goathland the home of the Heartbeat TV series with more questions - unfortuately the answers from me didn't get much better.

The return route took us over a ford which some including me avoided.  The weather was quite reasonable, mainly sun with the odd drizzle, much better than the forecast.

Result are here

Chairman's Run (Vice) 18th July 2021

The run this year was organised by Paul Feldon and his family. A total of 15 riders signed on at the Blue Bell Inn at Bishopton, with refreshments avilable, which was a pleasant change, and of course the usual questions at the start.

The morning route took us east through Hutton Rudby, Potto with a coffee stop and more questions at Lord Stones cafe at the top of Carlton Bank, excelent views on the way up if you can take your eyes of the road for a second. After the questions from Dave Alison, off we went through Chop Gate then on to Ingleby Greenhow via a scenic road, then through Castleton and on to the village of Ainthorpe to the Fox & Hounds for the lunch stop and yet more questions (something about a Silent Grey Fellow from Miller Street) don't ask

The return back to Bishopton was fairly uneventful apart from the clutch on my Norton decided to stop working and had to be adjusted several time along the route back, until no more cable adjustment was left. Hopefully now sorted with another pushrod.

After waiting for stragglers at Bishopton, Paul finally announced the results - available here

All in all an excellent day with very hot weather. Thanks to Paul and family for the organisation, and the marshalls Dave & Shirley Alison and Steve Feldon

Photos to follow

​​June /July South Durham Section activities.  June ended with an evening social run on Wednesday the 30th when we had a sunny warm evening run round the back lanes, unknown roads to some, never more than 15 miles from we Darlington we did about 50 miles of pleasant rural bimbling.

The following weekend was the Not The Northumbrian Gathering which was attended by a large South Durham contingent.  We had an afternoon run on Friday to Newton- by- the-sea followed by pies and peas with mash and gravy in the South Durham Ghetto, with guests.

Saturday was a social run around rural Northumberland with lunch at Alwinton followed by the famous South Duham Barbie organised and hosted by the Family Feldon with Babie chef extordinaire Paul this year assisted by his brother Steve.  There was food enough to bust a gut followed by Sambuca and the traditional song, all for a pittance, marvellous


Sunday was a run to Eyemouth to see the seals in the harbour and then off home for most of us.

The following monday evening was the Sunset Run hosted by Howard and Liz Duddles from Middlesborough Motor Club.  It was indeed a sunset run with a superb route through the Cleveland hills giving views to the sea, over the North Yorkhire moors and as far as the Dales.  This feast for the soul was followed by a feast for the body with delicious home made pie and peas at the end.  The only downside is that Tom Norman was allowed to win on a TWO STROKE aagh!  


There was heavy rain as we started home so Paul and myself decided to go back by main road, as we past Stockton my bike started to miss, presuming it was water so i just carried on until flames were shooting out of the right hand side, very illuminating.  Upon investigation the central electrode of the plug had gone for a wonder, a quick plug change and home safe.

Thursday the 8th of July was our ride in night, we had over 20 bikes out and for the first time ever we never lost anyone.  Was it due to Victoria being tail end Charlie ?  Who knows. Unfortunately we had to say goodbye to Racheal and Craig at the Cricket Club who are moving to pastures new.  It just means we have to train another set of stewards.

Sunday the 11th was the 75th anniversary ride in to Allendale which was officially cancelled due to the pandemic 


As excpected a few individuals did turn up, but only from The South Durham Section, nevertheless myself, Tom Norman and Peter Griffiths had a good ride out and convivial lunch.

Evening Social Run 14th July.   Seven riders set off from the Cricket Club on a warm sunny evening to have a run around the "lanes" lead by Brian which turned out to be a tad rough in places.  After aproximately 40 miles we had got all the way to Barton, obviously not by a direct route.  After refreshments at Barton following the long and arduous distance we had covered, some went home, four went on to the Chequers at Dalton to arrange the concours event, at least that was the excuse.

For a change here'a photo, I'm the shadow taking it.


What should have been the Quaker Run

Sunday the 16th of May should have been The  Quaker Run but due to the continuing restrictions we could not have the traditional format. 


However a small number of riders did meet at Reeth around 12 noon in marvellous warm sunshine as ordered.  Perhaps others believed the weather forecast which wrongly gave rain all day, wrong as usual. 


Gerry Beer, Paul Feldon, Mike Carruthers, Eric Alderson. Jon and Susan Warren along with myself had a very convivial hour or so as we were joined by non motorcycle friends who just happened to be passing also enjoying a lovely day.

On our return we passed through Manfield and we could see a very black threatening cloud over Darlington.  At Blands corner Paul and myself took the ring road which looked a better option whilst Mike went through the town.  We just skirted the storm catching the edge of it, Mike got the lot going through the town and as an added bonus Paul and myself had our waterproofs on, Mike didn't, oh joy.


Edit - I did have them and put them on when the hail started, but a tad too late, although Paul told me I didn't need to as they were wearing theirs which would therefore prevent rain - What a load of rubbish - Mike

As usual those that didn't turn up were the losers.


2012-05-20 13-30 Quaker Run.jpg
2012-05-20 13-36 Quaker Run.jpg
2012-05-20 13-34 Quaker Run.jpg

As nobody took any photos here's some from Quaker 2012


The Unofficial Boxing Day Run Dec 2020

The official traditional Boxing Day run was cancelled because of current problems, however 4 riders turned up individualy. 


Gerry beer turned up an hour early because he hadn't changed his bike watch since the clocks went back, good to know somethings don't change and section members can still excel in buffoonery.

He was joined by myself with Angela, Peter Bates from the Northumbrian
Section and Howard Duddles as well as the Feldon posse and Eric and Vera Alderson from Hawes in cars.

There weather was dull, not too cold and most importantly it didn't rain
or snow.  The roads we damp with no snow, ice or salt.  There were very
few people about and it was good to get out on the bike again. 


Wemanaged to observe all current advice and rules.  It was well worth the
ride out for fresh air and to meet people.

Brian Smith.

As nobody took any photos I dug these out from 2005 a reminder of the way it was - MC


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