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Run Reports 2022

Photos from the Boxing Day Run to High Force - Not too many bikes this year, but Dave Miller & Marion braved the cold all the way from Cumbria in that interesting open top car.

The traditional Christmas eve outing took place in several Darlington town centre pubs over the course of the afternoon and into the evening for some

Anniversary Social Run


This run commemorates the anniversary of the inaugural section run held on the 28th December 1975 from the 3 Tuns at Sadberge with 13 riders attending.

Last Sundays run held on 4th December started from the cricket club at 10.35 (I was late) with 3 riders attending - same as the previous year, possibly due to the forecast of rain.

Must mention that this has never happened before but, "Drum Roll"  after many years of Brian's berating, Paul was first to arrive at the Cricket Club. I hadn't noticed as I was last for a change.

After looking at the sky we decided to go west as some sun was just starting to show itself.

We set off towards Richmond and then headed towards Leyburn without any significant rain and a little sun, stopping at Manor Farm Cafe for coffee and bacon sandwiches which were excellent (I paid for the bacon sarnies - unbelievable I know) and as we sat, the rain fell, some of it into my helmet which I had foolishly left on the bike seat.  Three modern bikes appeared so we weren't the only people out riding.

As time went on it was decided we had to head back, at least as far as Manfield as Brian was muttering about lights not being quite what they should be on old bikes, can't believe that. So off we went over the tank road through Richmond and on to the Crown at Manfield for light refresments, and then back home.

Quite a pleasent day, very little rain when we were riding and not too cold.  Maybe more people will appear next year but don't take too much notice of the weather forecasts as they are never that accurate especially the Yorkshire Dales.















Chairman's Run


It was a damp start to the Chairman's run on Sunday but 12 hardy riders turned out in good spirits.

All views were obscured by mist but by the coffee stop at Lord Stones cafe it was slightly less inclement and by the time we got to the lunch stop at The Board Inn, Lealholme it had stopped altogether and we could actually stand outside and watch the baby ducks.

We arrived back at the cricket club in MSG and basked in the sunshine whilst I announced the results. Which are here

No breakdowns and everyone made it back safely.

Five riders out, that's 5 riders, UNDER 60!!!

Many thanks to everyone who turned out and a special thanks to marshals Dave and Shirley Alison.


Cheers, Paul, Yvonne and Victoria.

Manor Farm Cafe - Paul & Brian don't look very happy

Refreshment stop at the Crown Manfield - 1933 BSA 600 Sloper, 1978 CZ 125, 1949 Sunbeam S8

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