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Reports 2024

Tees Cottage Pumping Station - Bike Display  23 June 2024

A total of thirty three bikes were on display with quite a range of marques and ages. There were machines made during the high times of British motorcycle industry as well as some from German, Italian and Japanese Manufacturers.


Several were manufactured during the early period of the twentieth century, the oldest being a Model C Triumph from 1913. There was also a 1921 OK Junior and a 1926 AJS G8 machine.


Many of the bikes were from the 1950s, 1960s and 1970s as well as one or two more current models. Although the more current models are not classed as Vintage machines it provides those attending the day with insight into how motorcycles have developed and changed over the decades.


Most of the machines on display are used on a regular basis and can be seen being ridden on social runs and rallies organised by area sections of the Vintage Motorcycle Club (VMCC), such as the South Durham VMCC, as well as individual make owner’s clubs.


More information about the VMCC can be found at   and locally at

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